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Fedex Employee Benefits and Perks-2020

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Fedex Express Employee Benefits

About Fedex 

FedEx Express is one of the world’s largest express transportation companies and has consistently been selected as one of the world’s top 500 companies and the World’s Most Admired Companies by “Fortune” magazine. FedEx provides fast and reliable delivery to more than 220 countries and territories.

FedEx Express (FedEx) conceived the idea of an international network more than 25 years ago when it purchased a Gelco Express International, courier service with offices in Europe and Asia.

Why a career as a Fedex Employee? 

Working at Fedex is a friendly experience. Fedex’s culture is pleasant and diversified. Fedex is renowned for their management training programs.

At Fedex, careers are plentiful. Fedex has both general and executive positions worldwide. The company has its own career website that provides a huge amount of information. There are several categories of open positions including corporate, financial, data, and reservations.

Fedex’s benefits are excellent. The current salary package is high with three weeks’ vacation and pension benefits. The benefits are good, and Fedex has a free car and gas benefits for eligible employees. Like any other company, Fedex has its good points and its drawbacks, but overall, sources report that it’s a great place to work.

Fedex Employee Benefits & Perks

Fedex offers a lot of affordable and comprehensive Fedex employee benefits and Perks, some of which worth mentioning below:

FedEx Career Benefits

FedEx offers employee benefits to encourage workers to continually improve and advance in their careers, such as:

  • Career planning: Employees are encouraged to learn about the industry and are given consistent, constructive feedback on how they can improve in their current roles.
  • Development resources: FedEx offers many internships and seminars so employees can continue learning about their field and improving their knowledge and skills.
  • GED reimbursement: Employees who want to earn their GED are offered full reimbursement for courses.
  • Leadership programs: FedEx offers expansive leadership courses to mold employees into effective leaders and supervisors.
  • Recognition programs: The company focuses on recognizing its employees through several recognition programs, including the: Five Star award, Excellence award, Purple Promise Quality, and Purple Promise awards, Bravo Zulu award, and Humanitarian award.
  • Tuition reimbursement: FedEx pays the full cost of tuition and educational expenses for employees who continue their education in a job-related field.

FedEx Health Insurance Benefits

FedEx has advanced health insurance benefits for employees to ensure they continue to thrive. These benefits include the following:

  • Counseling: Employees and family members have access to counselors to talk through work-related grievances or personal problems.
  • Dental plan: The dental plan covers employees and their family members for preventative care, as well as specialized dental work.
  • Health insurance: Hospital stays, surgical procedures, and routine health care is covered under the FedEx health insurance plan for workers and their family members.
  • Healthcare spending account (HSA): Employees can deposit a portion of their paycheck into a tax-free HSA to use on eligible medical expenses throughout the year.
  • Health plan incentives: Lower premium rates, consultations with nutritionists, and regular checkups are incentives for employees to stay enrolled in the company’s health plan.
  • Maternity support: Pregnant women have access to support, resources, and administrative assistance through the company’s maternity program.
  • Telehealth: FedEx covers telehealth expenses, including doctor’s opinions, services provided, and exams that are completed virtually for employees and covered family members.
  • Vision plan: Vision-related medical devices and vision exams are covered under the company’s vision plan.

FedEx Financial Benefits

FedEx offers a variety of financial benefits for employees to ensure they plan for retirement and can comfortably support their families. These benefits include:

  • 401(k) Plan: Employees can save 4% of their income for a 401(k) account and FedEx matches 50% of their contribution. A variety of accounts are offered so an employee can choose which one is best for their financial situation.
  • Adoption assistance reimbursement: Whether an employee adopts a child domestically or from a foreign country, the company covers court and adoption fees for single parents or families.
  • Bonus pay benefits: Bonus pay is awarded to employees who go above and beyond or who achieve certain results-driven goals the company sets.
  • Commuter benefits: Reimbursement for expenses related to parking, buses, and trains are provided to employees with long or expensive commutes.
  • Daycare flexible spending accounts: A daycare spending account allows employees to put money away for daycare costs they may incur while they’re at work.
  • Disability benefits: Short-term disability coverage with FedEx provides employees with salary replacement for a certain amount of time after an injury or illness.
  • Life insurance: FedEx pays for 50% of life insurance policy premiums, making them more affordable for employees. Death benefits can total up to one year of the employee’s salary.
  • Paid time off: The company provides employees with paid time off to ensure they achieve and maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Paid volunteer time off: Employees receives two paid time off days each quarter to volunteer with a charitable organization of their choice.
  • Parental leave benefits: New mothers and fathers are given parental leave benefits, even if they adopted or fostered children.
  • Pensions: FedEx prioritizes financial security in retirement by offering pensions to long-term employees who retire.
  • Salary increases: Since individual performance is consistently evaluated, salary increases are provided to employees who show they’re dedicated and performing well.

FedEx Various Employee Perks

In addition to health insurance and financial benefits, FedEx offers other employee perks that company workers can utilize. Some of the best employee benefits include the following:

  • Discounted travel: As a FedEx employee, you have access to discounted airfare tickets through select airlines.
  • Reduced shipping rate: Exclusive discounts are provided to employees who need to ship personal items domestically and overseas.

If you’re considering working for FedEx, chances are you have a variety of jobs to choose from. Not only does the company offer numerous job titles, but it also provides an array of important health and financial benefits for employees and their family members. Employee perks, room for advancement, and educational opportunities also make it advantageous to work in this shipping, tracking, and administration company.

Popular Fedex Employee Benefits and Perks

Fedex offers incredible benefits and perks for staff to build company morale, engagement, job satisfaction, and productivity within their business. According to Fedex employees reviews, the following are the best Fedex employee benefits:

  • Extensive Medical insurance with Dental and Vision coverage.
  • A 100% 401 (k) Plan.
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • 2 weeks of paid time off.
  • Short-term and long-term disability benefits
  • Cancer Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Mental Health Care, and Accident Insurance.
  • Flexible Working Hours and Work From Home facility

Fedex Employee Benefit Login

To get access to the employee portal, business information, or employee benefits & perks then an employee or associate must have login credentials. Kindly, keep login credentials handy and follow the login steps instructed below to log in and access employee benefits now.

  • Step 1: Open a web browser and go to the Fedex Express Employee Benefits Login Portal on Click Here
  • Step 2: Enter the following details required.
  • Step 3: Click on the Submit button below and you will be directed straight to your employee portal.

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