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Google Employee BenefitsAbout Google 

Google is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, a search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware.

American search engine company, founded in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, that is a subsidiary of the holding company Alphabet Inc. More than 70 percent of worldwide online search requests are handled by Google, placing it at the heart of most Internet users’ experience.

Why a career as a Google Employee? 

Working at Google is a friendly experience. Google’s culture is pleasant and diversified. Google is renowned for their management training programs.

At Google, careers are plentiful. Google has both general and executive positions worldwide. The company has its own career website that provides a huge amount of information. There are several categories of open positions including corporate, financial, data, and reservations.

Google’s benefits are excellent. The current salary package is high with three weeks’ vacation and pension benefits. The benefits are good, and Google has a free car and gas benefits for eligible employees. Like any other company, Google has its good points and its drawbacks, but overall, sources report that it’s a great place to work.

Google Employee Benefits

Google Employee Benefits & Perks

Google offers a lot of affordable and comprehensive Google employee benefits and Perks, some of which worth mentioning below:

Free food

Quite a few companies offer some sort of food perk, so it’s not uncommon.

At Coburg Banks, we offer free fruit to our employees to encourage healthy eating.

Although, we’ve got nothing on Google.

All of their on-site cafes and canteens provide free meals and fruit to the employees.

You can also pick up a snack and keep it for later.

18 of Google's Employee Perks You're Missing Out OnFree cooking classes

If free food wasn’t enough, you can also learn how to cook fantastic meals too.

But they’re not just trying to improve your cooking skills.

Oh no, in fact, they’re trying to allow different departments to work together and meet new people who they may not usually work with.

Sneaky, but a great idea.

It’s always great to improve teamwork.

Health and family

It’s really rare to find a company that cares so much about an employee that they care about their family’s well being too.

There was one lady that actually cried when she heard about Google’s “death benefit” (as morbid as it sounds).

Keep on reading to find out more about it.

Free on-site gym/gym classes

18 of Google's Employee Perks You're Missing Out On

A lot of health care providers give incentives such as reimbursing gym membership costs to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

That means that it’s not uncommon to find this perk in the workplace.

Although, it’s less common to actually have a gym inside of your workplace.

Did I mention that it’s open for use whenever the employees want?

Exercise is a great stress buster so getting involved in classes can really help Google boost its employee morale.

Massage therapists

If the Googlers injure themselves in the gym, or just fancy relaxing, they can also head over to the on-site massage therapists.

Yep. You read that right!

Why book a spa day when you can get treatment at work?

On-site medical staff

Perhaps the injury is bad and getting a massage wouldn’t help, or maybe the Googler just feels a bit under the weather recently.

In that case, visiting a masseuse probably isn’t your best bet.

Instead, Google provides on-site medical staff that employees can book appointments with.

No more irritating call-queues or waiting days to book in with your doctors!

The “Death Benefit”

This perk really is a touching thought on Google’s part, especially since it’s a no-win for the company.

So, what is the death benefit?

If a Googler dies whilst they’re under the employment of Google, their spouse will receive 50% of their salary in a cheque for the next ten years.

And if that didn’t take your breath away, any (and each) of the children of the deceased will also receive $1,000 a month until the age of 19 (or 23 if in full-time education).

The spouse will also see all stocks vested immediately.

Plus, most of Google’s 34 thousand employees qualify for this perk.

That’s a company that really cares about its people!

Paternity/Maternity18 of Google's Employee Perks You're Missing Out On

Anyway, let’s move to the other end of the life cycle.

Paternity is a sore and difficult subject for some companies.

In comparison to the UK’s 2 weeks (qualifying) paternity leave, Google offer 7 weeks paid paternity and 18-22 weeks paid maternity leave.

That’s not all though. Whoever the primary caregiver is, regardless of gender, can claim up to 12 weeks of paid leave.

This is also true for adoptive or surrogate parents.

Oh, and they throw in a little cash bonus to new parents too!

Decompression Capsules

Didn’t get the best sleep last night? Coffee not doing it for you?

Good job Google has the “decompression capsules” on hand!

These little pods are sound and light proof, so you can catch a few zees even during the busiest hour of the day.


Google believes that it’s important for their staff to take time to do what they enjoy.

Let’s be honest, you enjoy work more when you have a good work-life balance.

That’s why they offer these little perks…

“20% time policy”18 of Google's Employee Perks You're Missing Out On

This policy goes by the ratio of 80% work, 20% play.

Google gives its employees the chance to go out and invest their time in a side project.

Whether that’s learning to code or something else that will spark creativity, they’re more than welcome to take 20% of their time to do so.

Turns out a lot of the side projects have turned into something much bigger. Gmail is only one example of many.

Discounts for events

Google offers discounts for their employees to attend events where they’re likely to learn something new that would help them in their job.

They also offer discounts to their employees for a selection of museums.

Oh, and, get this, Google will sometimes arrange events so that their employees can meet the people who inspire them.

Some of those people include Ryan Reynolds, Lady Gaga, and Josh Groban, who discussed their recent or previous successes and experiences.

Charitable events

Another perk availability for Google employees is giving them the choice of dedicating 20 hours of work time to volunteer every year.

They also put on a day called “GoogleServe” which is where Googlers get together to volunteer in their communities.

Google also will match any donations their employees make to charities, too.

Food for thought

It’s not all about the physical perks Google offers, their employees also benefit from…

Working with future technology

That’s right.

Google employees get the honor of working with technology that we can’t even comprehend!

In fact, they’re probably creating flying cars as we speak… (Just kidding, sort of).

They also get the feeling of being part of something much bigger. Their input to projects can help millions of people worldwide.

If that’s not rewarding in a job, I’m not sure what is!

Working with some of the most diverse people

Looking at that, I know full well that they have a variety of people working for them.

Humans learn from interacting with other humans, so working for Google there are endless opportunities to learn.

Plus, Google has some of the brightest and innovative minds in the tech industry, so working alongside them must be amazing!

Home away from home

There is a lot of basic stress at home, all of which can add up and cause stress at work, too.

Need that outfit washing? Need to get your hair cut before that night out? Want a pet dog, but can’t leave it at home alone?

Maybe you should consider working for Google…

Laundry day18 of Google's Employee Perks You're Missing Out On

Google has its own on-site launderette where employees can take their laundry and make sure it’s done.

Turns out, that’s a free service too!

The money saved on bills must be great, plus you’ve got your time at home to relax.

Fresh trim

Since you’ve got your laundry done, you may fancy tidying the mop on your head up too.

It’s all good, Google offers free on-site haircuts for their employees.

Actually, it’s a really good way to ensure employees look smart for meetings, too!

Dogs are welcome

Yep, you read that right!

Pups and dogs are more than welcome on the premises so that they aren’t left at home all day alone.

Although, there is a rule that goes hand-in-hand with this: owners are solely responsible for cleaning up their dog’s mess.

Fair enough though, right?


Google offers shuttle buses to certain HQs.

This means that employees are able to hop on the bus into town or make their way to and from work for free.

The shuttle bus is also kitted out with fully working air-con and WiFi too, which is great if you have a few loose ends to tie up on a project.


This is the one we’ve all been waiting for the rec room.

In the rec room you can find:

  • A pool table
  • Ping Pong table
  • Foosball
  • Arcade games
  • Rock climbing
  • On-site volleyball
  • And roller hockey!

They also have a swimming pool on-site too, in case you fancy a quick swim.

As the saying goes, work hard – play hard!

Google Unique Employee Benefits

If there was one clear company that has become known for upping its employee benefits in the past few years, it would be Google. In fact, The perks of working for Google are probably the best example of a business that offers unique employee benefits while still making an excellent profit each year. It’s no doubt that their company performs so well with employees motivated by such great perks. Some of the many bonuses of being employed by Google include:

Unique Employee Benefits

  • Free meals throughout the day, including food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • A fully equipped gym and on-site swimming pool for exercising needs
  • On-site professional haircuts
  • Medical staff available to all working employees.
  • Overnight laundry facility and dry cleaning services.
  • Specific rooms are full of video games and tables for Ping Pong visiting, billiards, and foosball for employees to enjoy during their free time or breaks.

Most of the Google employee benefits are effective from the first of the month following the date of hire. Though, the eligibility and availability of different plans vary on the basis of classification, such as full-time or part-time.

Google Employee Benefit Login

To get access to the employee portal, business information, or employee benefits & perks then an employee or associate must have login credentials. Kindly, keep login credentials handy and follow the login steps instructed below to log in and access employee benefits now.

  • Step 1: Open a web browser and go to the Google Employee Benefits Login Portal on
  • Step 2: Enter the following details required.
  • Step 3: Click on the Submit button below and you will be directed straight to your employee portal.

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