Home Depot Employee Benefits 2020

Home Depot Employee Benefits and Perks-2020

Hello guys!! Are you wondering to build-up a career at Home Depot then it’s necessary to know Home Depot Employee Benefits and Perks when you are willing to join with Home Depot as an employee?

Then, you should have to visit its website and need to visit Home Depot Employee’s Review and Official Home Depot Employee Benefits Site.

In this post, here I am going to illustrate the Home Depot Employee Benefits with useful information on Home Depot Employee Benefits Login, Home Depot Employee Benefits Site, Home Depot Employee Benefits Packages, and all the details which are helpful to you when you are going to apply at the Home Depot.

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About Home Depot 

Home Depot is the world’s largest online marketplace, AI assistant provider, a live-streaming platform, and a cloud computing platform as measured by revenue and market capitalization.

Home Depot is the largest Internet company by revenue in the world. Home Depot was founded by Jeff Bezos in Bellevue, Washington, on July 5, 1994.

Why a career as a Home Depot Employee  

Working at Home Depot is a friendly experience. Home Depot’s culture is pleasant and diversified. Home Depot is renowned for their management training programs.

At Home Depot, careers are plentiful. Home Depot has both general and executive positions worldwide. The company has its own career website that provides a huge amount of information. There are several categories of open positions including corporate, financial, data, and reservations.

Home Depot’s benefits are excellent. The current salary package is high with three weeks’ vacation and pension benefits. The benefits are good, and Home Depot has a free car and gas benefit for eligible employees. Like any other company, Home Depot has its good points and its drawbacks, but overall, sources report that it’s a great place to work.

Home Depot Employee Benefits & Perks

Home Depot offers a lot of affordable and comprehensive Home Depot employee benefits, some of which worth mentioning below:

Home Depot Employee BenefitsDescription
Medical Insurance
  • Home Depot employee health benefits
  • Best health care plan coverage for basic healthcare, dental, and vision.
Vision Insurance 
  • An excellent Vision Plan covers all kinds of eye-related medical assistance.
  • Discounts on vision-related medical devices
Dental InsuranceAccess to dental reimbursement for all employees
Life InsuranceOption to add into employee’s health care plan
Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) InsuranceTo support employees in cases of unfortunate events like accidental death, loss of limb, paralysis, etc.
Retirement PlansDeferred profit plans and registered retirement plans are available to enhance employees’ futures.
Employee Stock Purchase PlanHome Depot offers discounted stock prices with the first opportunity to buy for employees with each new stock release.
Maternity Leave
  • Up to 52 weeks of maternity leave
  • Pay 50% of the difference between employment insurance maternity benefits and their associate’s salary
Paternity LeaveUp to 35 weeks of maternity leave.
Adoption Assistance
  • Employees get compensation for adoption expenses including court costs, attorney fees, and travel.
  • Home Depot offers up to $5000 per child for full-time employees and up to $1500 for part-time employees
Time Off Benefits Home Depot offers vacation, leave of absence, compassionate leave, sick days, jury duty, and bereavement days.
Tuition Reimbursement Home Depot offers 50% of tuition fees for students up to $5000/year.
Employee DiscountsOffers a discount on the homegroup, care insurance, hotels, and more.
Care Program 
Success SharingPerformance-based bonuses for efficient and hardworking staff
Management Incentive ProgramBonuses for managers on the basis of financial and non-financial indicators

Home Depot Job Benefits – benefits of working at Home Depot

Home Depot employee Benefits for its staff the best in the industry to work which has great employee retention rates. Home Depot offers exceptional health insurance/Home Depot employee health benefits, retirement plan, vision/dental coverage, and vacation & paid time off are the best-known employee benefits from Home Depot.

The followings are a few more comprehensive Home Depot employee benefits:

  • Home Depot employee health benefits, healthcare plan with Dental and Vision.
  • Home Depot employee Benefits 401 (k), match for up to 5% of your salary.
  • Up to 3 weeks of PTO through Home Depot Benefits Vacation for vacation, leave of absence, compassionate leave, sick days, jury duty, and bereavement days, etc.
  • 12 paid weeks of maternity plus 6 weeks of paternity leave.
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan and discounts.
  • Adoption assistance is awesome
  • Life and AD&D insurance available

Home Depot employee Benefits 401 (k) and Home Depot employee health benefits are the best favorite amongst all Home Depot Benefits.

Home Depot Employee Benefits

Home Depot employee health benefits including Dental and Vision coverage. Home Depot employee Benefits 401 (k) is also much handsome for needed employees. Through the Home Depot employee Benefits 401 (k) plan, the chain matches 100% for employees’ contributions up to 5% of your eligible salary.

The company also offers up to 3 weeks of PTO through Home Depot Benefits Vacation for vacation, leave of absence, compassionate leave, sick days, jury duty, and bereavement days, etc.

Home Depot Employee Benefits

Employee Stock Purchase Plan and discounts are some additional benefits for the employees that they can use to purchase newly arrived stock. For the first 2 years, Home Depot part-time employee benefits can earn 20 hours of vacation whereas full-time employees can earn 40 hours of vacation.

Most of the Home Depot employee benefits are effective from the first of the month following the date of hire. Though, the eligibility and availability of different plans vary on the basis of classification, such as full-time or part-time.


It is always good if you have your email address linked to the employee account. This would be handy in password resets and more.

How to Log into Home Depot Employee Account

  • If you wish to sign in to your account go to the login page of Home Depot which can be reached at www.mythdhr.com
  • Once the webpage loads there is the “Employee Self Service” then click on the Enroll in or change your Homer Fund deduction Or go to Employee-Login-page


  • Enter the user id and password in the respective places and click ‘Sign In’.

However, every service at the Home Depot My THDR portal is password protected. Hence, if you wish to process any request you will be asked to sign in first.

How to Reset Password

If the user has lost password he/she will be required to call on (1.866.698.4347). Describe your issues and you would get the support.

How To Create Mythdhr benefits Account

To avail of all the benefits first, you have to create an online account. To easily create one following the steps described below.

Step 1: First go to the official associate’s benefits login portal.

Step 2: Now there is a link below the “Log On” button saying “Are you a new user?”. Click on it.

Step 3: To verify your identification provide the last 4-digits of SSN and Date of birth.  

Step 4: Click on the continue button and follow the rest of the process.

After creating your username and password note them down in a personal notebook or diary for future use.

Contact myTHDHR 

Home Depot Benefits Center Number: 1-800-555-4954

Home Depot Employee Stock Purchase Plan number: 1-800-843-2150

MyTHDHR Human Resources Number: 1-866-myTHDHR (1-866-698-4347)

Email Address: [email protected]

Reference Link

Home Depot EHR Employee Login portal online: www.mythdhr.com/

Home Depot Support Center Site: https://corporate.homedepot.com/contact-us

Home Depot  Site: https://careers.homedepot.com/job-search-results/

Home Depot Employee Benefits Site: careers.homedepot.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/homedepot


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